$2,600,000.00 for a man that was driving a motorcycle and was cut off by a person driving an SUV. The man suffered head and leg injuries requiring surgery.

$1,425,000.00 for a single car accident where the plaintiff sustained several severe injuries, including severe injuries to her head, chest, neck and ribs.

$1,200,000.00 for a 76 year old woman that slipped and fell in a steam room and sustained second and third degree burns on her face, head and arm when the steam vent cover became detached from the wall after falling forward and making contact with it.

$697,600.00 for the Estate of a man that was fatally injured in an over the road truck accident. The personal injury claim settled for the available policy limits of $482,600.00 and the workers’ compensation claim was settled for $215,000.00.

$600,000.00 for a man that fell from a roof when the scaffold he constructed came loose from the roof it was attached to suffering severe back injuries that required surgery.

$592,500.00 for a subcontractor working on the roof of a single family residence as a painter who fell through an opening for a skylight sustaining a massive head injury ultimately leading to his death.

$500,000.00 settlement for man that sustained severe back injuries requiring surgeries and fusion after being struck as a driver in a motor vehicle accident.

$500,000.00 settlement for husband and wife who suffered tetrodotoxin poisoning after eating contaminated fish that was improperly imported into the United States.

$500,000.00 where the plaintiff was killed in a single car accident driven by her spouse. The case had been previously rejected by two other firms on the basis that they did not see a possibility of recovery on the claim.

$450,000.00 for a young woman that suffered a dislocated shoulder in an automobile accident.

$450,000.00 for a victim shot in the back outside a beauty supply store by one of the store’s employees.

$375,000.00 for a woman crossing in the middle of the block against traffic of a busy street who was struck by a moving truck resulting in her death.

$265,048.00 for a man that was injured on the job and sustained serious back injuries requiring four surgeries. The worker had to change jobs with a different employer, making less money then he did before the accident.

$240,000.00 for a man that injured his back on the job that required multiple surgeries.

$230,000.00 for an elderly woman who was crossing the street and was struck by a motor vehicle. The woman suffered many fractures to her body.

$208,200.00 for a man who injured his back on the job while working for a contractor. He could not return to the same job after the accident.

$190,000.00 for a man who was attacked by a psychiatric patient while working at a facility for the emotionally challenged. The injured employee was unable to return to work after 30 years on the job, due to suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

$162,452.00 for a man that injured his back on the job with surgery being recommended.

$160,000.00 for a man that was riding a motorcycle who was struck by a car that crossed in front of him. He sustained several fractured ribs and a fractured wrist.

$155,000.00 for a woman’s family that died as a passenger in a single car accident after the driver, who was intoxicated, lost control of his car and struck a tree. The recovery was for the drivers insurance policy limits and against the bar where the driver had been drinking.

$152,000.00 for a woman that slipped and fell on ice fracturing her ankle outside the residence where she lived.

$150,000.00 for a woman that slipped and fell on ice in a parking lot near her job. The woman suffered a fractured ankle requiring several surgeries.

$120,000.00 for an elderly man that was walking in a parking lot who was stuck by a car. He fractured his arm and other minor injuries.

$120,000.00 for a young woman that was a passenger on a motorcycle that was cut off by another motor vehicle. She sustained a head injury.

$118,000.00 for a young woman that was a passenger in a car that was driven by an intoxicated driver. The case was pursued against both the driver and the bar that permitted the driver to become intoxicated. The passenger suffered fractures to her legs.

$100,000.00 for a man who was the victim of road rage and was cut off by another vehicle. The man lost control of his vehicle and sustained severe injuries. The case settled for the other driver’s policy limits.

$100,000.00 for a factory worker that caught his hand in a press on the job, causing a crush injury to his hand.

$100,000.00 for a young girl that was a passenger on a train that had an accident. The girl suffered injuries to her back.

$65,000.00 for an elderly man who went for dental treatment to his dentist that he had gone to for many years. Due to the dental care, the man required several new implants and crowns to repair his mouth.

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